Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interview -- COUGAR TOWN Producer BILL LAWRENCE On How The Show Transcended A Bad Title/Premise

(From Inside Television - By Alan Sepinwall)

It hasn't been the best new comedy of the season
(I leave it to the warring COMMUNITY and MODERN FAMILY factions to battle that title to the death), but no show on television demonstrated a more impressive learning curve over the course of a season than ABC's COUGAR TOWN, which airs its next-to-last episode of the season tomorrow at 9:30.

What began as a sitcom that lived up -- or down -- to its title instead morphed into a charming, goofy ensemble comedy.

Instead of chasing after younger guys and obsessing over wrinkles, COURTENEY COX'S JULES is now playing den mother to a weird surrogate family in her cul de sac, trying to pass the time by drinking wine, pranking each other, writing songs and inventing silly games like the elegantly simple Penny Can.

The season's final two episodes deal with Jules' son TRAVIS (DAN BYRD) graduating from high school, and with the new relationship Jules started with neighbor GRAYSON (JOSH HOPKINS).

I spoke with the show's co-creator, BILL LAWRENCE about the abrupt and impressive hard right turn the series took about a third of the way into the season.

(There's also the obligatory SCRUBS talk at the end.)

Interview -- Cougar Town Producer Bill Lawrence On How The Show Transcended A Bad Title/Premise

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