Wednesday, May 12, 2010

$9.99 Video-Editing App For IPHONE 3GS

(From Podcasting -- By James Lewin)

1STVIDEO is a new $9.99 iPhone video editor that's described as the "world's most advanced video editing suite running on a mobile device."

Other editors may let you string together a few clips.

1STVIDEO allows users to put together professional quality news items, movies or podcasts, with multi-track audio, on an IPHONE 3GS device.

The secret is VERICORDER's advanced audio-video editing software, which lets you seamlessly blend multitrack sound with video clips from multiple recordings in an powerful but easy to learn, touch-based, non-destructive editor.

1STVIDEO is a complete solution for anyone who needs to quickly record, edit, send and distribute video for traditional or web media.

It is the most advanced mobile video editing solution on the market today, on any platform.

It's ideal for creating news stories on the fly, and posting directly into a newsroom or to an automated video podcasting system.

[Very cool. Worth the download. Sadly, it currently only exports H.264 .mov video files at 480x360 resolution. Sound files can be edited and sent separately as broadcast-ready .wav files, in Mono, CD quality, at 44.1 kHz.]

$9.99 Video-Editing App For iPhone 3GS

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