Friday, April 09, 2010

APPLE'S 4.0 IPHONE Operating System

(From Cynopsis)

The internet is buzzing about the unveiling of APPLE'S 4.0 IPHONE operating system.

The next generation iPhone OS is expected to support multitasking and the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously, as well as feature an integrated geo-targeted mobile banner ad solution for the first time.

Apple, which lost out to GOOGLE in a bidding war for ADMOB last fall, purchased mobile ad company QUATTRO WIRELESS for $275 million in January and has been presumably been working on developing a working iPhone ad platform for advertisers.

On the other hand, Google recently won a patent for its system that serves ads dynamically based on a user's location -- begging the question of whether or not a rival Apple system will run into legal challenges.

At the same time, Google must convince the FTC that its ADMOB acquisition will not give it undue power in the mobile ad marketplace.

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