Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Time to Read This? Read This

(From The Wall Street Journal -- By Sue Shellenbarger)

Are things you need to get done falling between the cracks?

Does taking an entire day off seem impossible?

Maybe you need a time-management system.

Many people seem to think they do, based on the email response to a recent column on the importance of taking time off.

Dozens asked me to recommend a time-management method to help them get on top of their work and home duties.

In response, I asked a half-dozen executive coaches to help me pick the most widely used time-management systems -- not just software tools or high-tech to-do lists, but behavioral-change techniques that help people get organized, clarify thinking and increase output.

I tried out for a week each of the three methods they mentioned most often -- including one that involved a ticking plastic tomato.

No Time to Read This? Read This

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