Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Does Bleeping Profanity On TV Make Any F---king Sense?

(From Advertising Age -- By Brian Steinberg)

Is the practice of bleeping out profanities on broadcast television is becoming quaint and archaic, considering such language routinely is heard in other media?

To some it's archaic, given the growing use of video on demand and web viewing, which abide by no such rules, and indeed there is a sense that standards are changing.

More TV outlets are putting together more-sophisticated dramas, which gives them license to use grittier language.

The average cable subscriber can hear a dirty word while watching subscription-only HBO or even ad-supported FX.

Reality programming that features real people speaking their minds has become so prevalent that harsh language -- or bleeped-out swearing -- is relatively common.

It's encroaching on scripted programming as well.

If people are used to words being bleeped-out but still know what is being said, is it time to try it without the bleep?

Does Bleeping Profanity On TV Make Any F---king Sense?

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