Monday, February 05, 2007

Online Editing Tools Nuture New Video Makers

(From CNet

Millions of consumers a week buy mobile phones with digital video cameras, and several Web sites are now providing them with free online editing tools, nurturing a new generation of filmmakers.

Camcorder phones are eclipsing sales of dedicated high-quality camcorders.

Over 348 million mobile phones sold in 2006 had a built-in camcorder and in 2007 that number is seen at 490 million, according to market research group STRATEGY ANALYTICS.

Moreover, phone manufacturers have put a video camera in the hands of an age group which previously did not buy camcorders -- the young and childless.

The effect can be seen on YOUTUBE, where each day more than 65,000 videos are uploaded, most featuring 20-somethings rather than toddlers.

A lot of the video is raw, edgy, badly lit and, considering the more than 100 million daily views, that's just how the viewers want it.

"It goes straight to the point, telling a story. And in a way that is more comic than dramatic," said NICOLAS CHARBONNIER, a 24-year-old Danish video-blogger.

Online Editing Tools Nuture New Video Makers

Kraig Bailey, thanks for the post.

[Yikes! Time for a new career.]

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