Monday, January 29, 2007


(From The USA Today -- By Michael Hiestand)

The NHL's ALL-STAR GAME on VERSUS last Wednesday attracted 474,000 households.

That's down 76% from ABC's rating in 2004, the last time the game was played, and down an amazing 82% from ABC's coverage in 2000.

The game was cancelled last year for the WINTER OLYMPICS and by the lockout before that.

But the NHL faced though counterprogramming. And not just from FOX's AMERICAN IDOL.

Other Wednesday prime-time shows outdrawing the NHL stars included HGTV's DESIGN ON A DIME, DISCOVERY's MYTH BUSTERS, BRAVO's TOP CHEF, THE FOOD NETWORK's ACE OF CAKES and -- attracting 85% MORE households than hockey's stars -- TV LAND's ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.

But then, BARNEY FIFE still has it going on.

[I had no idea the NHL All-Star Game was even on.]

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