Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A New Indie Genre -- IPHONE 4 Filmmaking

(From -- By Marianna Nash)

Despite the IPHONE 4's well-known antenna woes, a group of artists and bloggers are optimistic about its potential as a high-def camera and mobile video-editing tool.

CNN iReport's VIDEO EDITING ON THE IPHONE 4 assignment drew in 10 submissions as of Thursday, and iPhone 4 clips on YOUTUBE and VIMEO run the gamut from short films to news reports.

The $4.99 IMOVIE APP -- even with some flaws -- has the potential to open new doors for artists who have great ideas but no money.

A New Indie Genre -- iPhone 4 Filmmaking

[Holy cow. Looks pretty good for what it is. As professionals, we all know why phone cameras are not, most of the time, the right tools for our craft. We can all see problems with that video -- exposure, artifacts, whatever. But be honest -- weren't you just a bit impressed? A little? The democratization of our industry continues...]

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