Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Look Ma, No Keys!" -- The Future Of Picture Editing

(From Zak's Thoughts On Film -- By Zak Ray)

In recent years, science has proven the human brain effectively sees tools as an extension of the body.

When a carpenter picks up a hammer, or a musician his guitar, the brain temporarily "absorbs" that object into the brain’s mental projection of one’s self, and allows one to use it as naturally as if it were a body part.

Of course, such integration is dependent on the difficulty of the device and the skill of its user -- just as a pen is a basic, universal tool that requires little to master, a complex surgical instrument undoubtedly carries a steeper learning curve.

Slightly more difficult to place in context are computer-based tools, as there is no "real" correlation to the physical user input. One presses keys and clicks a mouse, but the resulting virtualaction can be anything from sending an email to drawing an illustration.

Can the brain still "absorb" these objects when the results are not only variable, but virtual as well?

"Look Ma, No Keys!" -- The Future Of Picture Editing

[Couldn't agree more Zak!]

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