Friday, May 28, 2010


PLASTIC BULLET, the first iPhone app from RED GIANT, is now live in the ITUNES app store!

I'm kinda excited about this.

If you’ve ever shot with a LOMO, a HOLGA, a DIANA, or any of the other plastic "toy" cameras out there, you know that part of the magic is the surprise factor.

Did your photos turn out good? Or bad? Or so terrible they're amazing?

Just like a real plastic camera, PLASTIC BULLET never does the same thing twice.

It develops your iPhone photos into literally infinite variations.

They might look awful. They might look awesome.

The good news is you can keep tapping the refresh button until you get something you love.

The look you love is yours and yours alone -- not a canned preset than anyone can use.

Plastic Bullet

[I carried my CANON 5D MARK II with me wherever I went this weekend. I pulled it out maybe once. I was having too much fun shooting with my crappy iPhone 3GS camera and Plastic Bullet.]

[It may be just for fun, but it elevates the everday to the level of art. In a word? Inspiring.]

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