Thursday, March 18, 2010

That's It, I'm Leaving New York!

(From The New York Post -- By Carrie Seim)

New York isn't the city that never sleeps.

It's the city that sleeps with you...then hits on your best friend the next day.

With only four single men for every five single ladies in the metro area (according to the US CENSUS BUREAU'S 2008 COMMUNITY SURVEY), some poor girl is always losing her date in this game of musical pairs.

"The dating scene in New York is like Neverland -- guys never have to grow up because the dating pool is so big for them," says CHRISTINE G., a 30-year-old publicist who lives in Chelsea and didn’t want her full last name published. "If someone better-looking comes along, they're moving on."

In fact, dating in NYC can be so brutal that many women are calling the city quits, convinced their love lives can make it anywhere but here.

Devastated by a recent breakup, Christine has set a ticking clock on her tryst with the Big Apple. She has two years to find a serious beau -- or find a new hometown.

That's It, I'm Leaving New York!

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