Friday, March 05, 2010

Business' BUNYAN Is Achieving Legendary Status In Cheshire

(From My Record Journal -- By Christopher Zajac)

Meriden's iconic image may be CASTLE CRAIG.

Wallingford's could be the gazebo at JOHANNA MANFREDA FISHBEIN PARK.

Might Cheshire's be the PAUL BUNYAN statue on West Johnson Avenue in front of HOUSE OF DOORS?

The 26-foot statue of Bunyan holding an American flag has stood in town since 1979.

The House of Doors' Bunyan is one of hundreds throughout the country near or atop restaurants, gas stations and retail stores.

Most were produced in the 1960s by INTERNATIONAL FIBERGLASS in California and are generally referred to as "MUFFLER MEN" since the company first produced the figures holding mufflers for use at service stations, according to information at Roadside America, a Web site where travelers post pictures of muffler men across the country and update their conditions.

Business' Bunyan Is Achieving Legendary Status In Cheshire

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