Thursday, March 04, 2010

10 Things Not To Buy In 2010

(From Smart Money)

Ten years ago, most homes relied on dial-up connections to access the Internet, and IPODS, flat-screen TVs and the NINTENDO WII didn't exist.

In 2010, consumers should expect to see more revolutionary products supplanting old mainstays.

In media, DVDs, books, newspapers and magazines will continue to lose ground to services like in-home movie rentals and gadgets like AMAZON's KINDLE electronic book reader.

For big-ticket items, the push for energy efficiency will continue to influence consumer decisions on cars and home upgrades.

As a result, some consumer products appear poised for sales drops, which could be a prelude to obsolescence.

Here are 10 items not to buy in 2010.

10 Things Not To Buy In 2010

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