Sunday, February 28, 2010


(From Post Magazine -- By Dennis Ho)

Television was once synonymous with "immediacy."

Linear editing was an extension of that idea -- get it done now and fast.

It required producers and editors knew instinctively the correct edit point each and every time -- and that "previewing the edit" was for wimps.

Developing this skill and taking the heat for indecisive editing was all part of earning your badge of courage.

Linear editing honed your visual and aural senses.

Speed, along with creativity, was the Zen of a seasoned television editor.

With the advent of NLE systems came a shift in editing consciousness.

Immediacy and speed took a back seat to massaging every frame.

Creating multiple versions became the norm.

NLE made it possible for producers to be less disciplined and less prepared -- but paradoxically more creative.

I'm here to remind you linear editing theories are still very viable in offline/online situations.

The Zen Of Linear Editing

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