Sunday, February 28, 2010



You could call THE GHOST WRITER the Polanski film that almost wasn't.

Under the circumstances, it's a miracle ROMAN POLANSKI's political thriller, which stars PIERCE BROSNAN and EWAN McGREGOR, even made it to the screen.

After the filmmaker was arrested in Switzerland last year while THE GHOST WRITER was in post production, there was talk that another director might have to finish the feature.

That didn't happen -- but Polanski did end up editing the feature from his jail cell, according to the movie's stars.

"He would be in his nine-foot by four-foot cell, edit the movie and give it to the warden. The warden would give it to his lawyer who would then give it to the editor," Brosnan told CNN.

[Ironic, as sometimes any edit suite can feel like a jail cell.]

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