Sunday, February 28, 2010

Edit Suite Design

(From Digital Films -- By Oliver Peters)

Last year, OLIVER PETERS wrote about designing a cost-effective HD edit suite and compared three budget ranges for both an AVID and a FINAL CUT PRO suite.

Edit Suite Design -- Part II

This year, he put together one updated spreadsheet.

Edit Suite Design -- Part III

It's interesting to see that over the course of this past year, some numbers have come down and you can assemble a very functional room for even less money.

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Oliver said...

I'm glad you liked the posts. Yes, some items have come down in price, but there are also lower-cost equivalents these days that might not have been available the year before.

Another thing to be aware of is that items tied to commodities, such as copper and steel, seem to fluctuate more than software, computers or capture cards. That affects your racks and wiring. Thanks.