Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ESPN Launches New UK Channel

(From Cynopsis)

ESPN will launch a new channel in the UK August 3rd called ESPN (formerly ESPN AMERICA) to air 46 live BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE soccer games during the upcoming season.

The new British version of ESPN will be available in standard-def as well as hi-def.

This new UK-based sports channel marks the company's first hi-def channel in Europe.

The new channel will also air other international sports and premium sports from the U.S., previously available on ESPN America which will be merged into UK's ESPN.

SKY will promote the new ESPN to its residential and commercial subscribers, making it available on a premium subscription basis.

Sky also carries ESPN CLASSIC which will remain on its News and Events package.

Additionally, SKY MEDIA, Sky's advertising unit, will sell commercial inventory for both ESPN and ESPN Classic.

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