Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Producer Shoots Entire Story On IPHONE Video Camera

(From CBS4.com)

How good is the IPHONE 3Gs new video camera?

Good enough to make the evening news, literally.

WFOR's fearless news director, ADRIENNE ROARK, had a more innovative idea -- shoot an entire story with the new iPhone, about the lines for the new iPhone.

Little did we know that later that day, we'd be making television history.

Once I got my iPhone, I immediately started shooting -- easy.

The phone has a "touch focus" feature that lets you focus any part of the video just by hitting it with your finger. I used this feature often when shooting close-up interviews with some of the customers standing in line.

Oddly enough, not one of these APPLE fans found it strange that a television station was shooting its video with an iPhone.

The quality of the video and sound was impressive on the phone, but I figured it would be less appealing when put on TV.

Again, I was wrong.

I plugged the phone into my computer and IPHOTO popped up with all of my videos.

I "dragged and dropped" the videos into FINAL CUT PRO and I was ready to edit.

No advanced techniques needed to extract the video.

Producer Shoots Entire Story On iPhone Video Camera

To view the WFOR-4 news package shot using the iPhone, click here.


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