Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Snack Food For Color Correction

(From The Avid Yahoo List)

So it's all happened to you. Maybe.

You've got a project in need of some serious color correction and you want a mid-day snack to help get you through the process.

But what snack offers the best chromatic value for such as task?

HOSTESS CUP CAKES with that white squiggle on top is a perfect white reference. The dark chocolate frosting is a reasonably tasty black reference.

BLACK LIQUORICE would be better but I don't like that.

Maybe they should make SMPTE spec POP TARTS. That would bring snack time up a click or two.

I did once, however, calibrate a monitor using nothing but a bag of SKITTLES. They don't add the proper phosphors to get the right colors in each Skittle. Plus, their of axis flavor is a little off.

SMARTIES are NTSC legal at least. But, if you are doing HD I don't think there are any viable snack foods for aligning Plasma or LCD color correction alignment.

Maybe JELLY BEANS are the answer. Every color you need including black and white.

I think I may just get a bag of chips.

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