Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cleveland Newscasters Go Wild On-Air After LeBRON's Game 2 Winner

Friday night's newscast was wrapping up on WEWS-5 in Cleveland right at the end of Game 2 between the Magic and Cavaliers.

That was when sportscaster TERRY BROOKS told viewers the Magic led 95-93 with 1 second left.

"I don't mind if you change the channel," Brooks said.

News anchor LEON BIBB then told the two viewers remaining "that's the way it goes sometimes. As dad said, we'll get them next year."

So if you want to know who jinxed the Magic, it was LEON BIBB.

Watch the reaction after LeBron hits the shot. Bedlam erupts on the set.

Even if you're still upset at the game's result, this will make you laugh.

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