Friday, May 08, 2009

Are Plasma TVs Going The Way Of Betamax?

(From The New York Post -- By Maxine Shen)

The plasma TV isn't dead yet -- but it looks like it's not long for this world.

Like the Betamax videotape format and laser disc DVD before it, the plasma TV set (the favorite of techies) is losing out to the more popularly priced LCD TV.

PIONEER and VIZIO (the nation's No. 2 set maker) say they're abandoning the plasma business.

With a 22 percent sales drop in the first quarter of 2009 compared to last year (when the sale of flat-screen TVs overall is sky rocketing) "the writing is kind of on the wall" for plasma, says WIRED.COM Senior Editor DYLAN TWENEY.

"The market has really shifted dramatically towards LCDs in the last year or two," he says.

Are Plasma TVs Going The Way Of Betamax?

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