Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watch TV Via A Contact Lens

(From The New York Daily News -- By Catey Hill)

You might soon have a TV in your eye.

Experts say that within the next ten years, it is likely that viewers will be able to pop a contact lens into their eye and watch TV via the lens, according to THE DAILY MAIL.

The contact lens would be powered by body heat.

You would change channels by voice commands or waving your hand, according to the report on home entertainment compiled by THE FUTURE LABORATORY CONSULTANCY.

Your eyes would look a bit altered, but no one could tell what TV show you were watching.

"We could even get to the point where we'll be able to immerse ourselves in a football game, making it feel like you're running alongside your favorite player or berating the ref," the report states.

MIRIAM RAYMAN, of the Future Laboratory consultancy, said that most of this technology already exists.

Watch TV Via A Contact Lens

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