Friday, June 08, 2007

Live Commercials Making A Comeback

(From Cynopsis)

You may be of a certain age and therefore able to recall the live commercials with ED McMAHON on THE TONIGHT SHOW, oh so many years ago. 

Okay, not so long ago -- the last live ad on THE TONIGHT SHOW aired in 1995.

Regardless of how long ago it was, they're on the rebound.

On Tuesday, NBC will reintroduce viewers to the live commercial, again on THE TONIGHT SHOW, with a live commercial for the satellite navigation system GARMIN INTERNATIONAL, per THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

The spot will be played out immediately before the second regular commercial break, which will include a taped commercial for Garmin.

The spots will not feature LENO, but rather his announcer, JOHN MELENDEZ (a la McMahon).

With the new live spots, NBC hopes to keep viewers' attention thru the commercial break and get their client messages thru the clutter.

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