Monday, June 11, 2007

BURGER KING Serves Up SPAM In Hawaii

(From The Associated Press)

For many Americans, SPAM is a four-letter word for unwanted email.

In Hawaii, SPAM is a beloved comfort food, with cans of the gelatinous pork bricks found in virtually every cupboard.

Hoping to cash in on Hawaii's love affair with the pinkish meat product, BURGER KING last month began offering SPAM for breakfast -- going head-to-head with rival McDONALD'S, which has been featuring SPAM in the islands for years.

Burger King is offering THE SPAM PLATTER -- two slices of Spam nestled between white rice and scrambled eggs.

The fast-food giant also offers the CROISSANDWICH or BISCUIT SANDWICH with Spam.

Burger King Serves Up Spam In Hawaii

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