Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hey, Make Mine A Single

(From The Hartford Courant -- By Elizabeth Hamilton)

I was having a perfectly fine Wednesday morning when my editor ambled over with some paper in his hands.

"Hey," he said brightly, not meeting my eye. "We need you to turn around a story for tomorrow on this new census data showing that Connecticut is one of the worst places for single women to live."

Setting aside the fact that it's truly adding insult to injury to ask a single woman in her late 30s to write a story about the dearth of single men in Connecticut, my reaction to this thunderclap from the U.S. CENSUS BUREAU can be summed up in one word -- "Duh."

And I'm hardly alone.

"This explains everything," sighed Hillary, a 28-year-old professional woman from Manchester and, I admit, a friend of mine.

Connecticut is ranked 10th from the bottom on the Census Bureau's list of states and the District of Columbia with a high ratio of single men, ages 15 to 44, to single women.

Nevada, which tops the list, has 120.2 men to every 100 women, while North Dakota, at No. 2, has 120.1. Washington, D.C., comes in at No. 51, with a paltry 93.4.

Hey, Make Mine A Single

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