Friday, February 02, 2007

F-Word Clipped From TODAY -- Or Was It?


A fast-acting technical director may have prevented the F-word from getting on the air during Wednesday's TODAY show on NBC.

Going into a commercial break at about 8:30 am, actress SIENNA MILLER, who had appeared on the show to promote her latest movie, FACTORY GIRL, was seen waving to the crowd outside the street-front studio in New York's ROCKEFELLER PLAZA.

She began looking somewhat uncomfortable as the camera remained on her while she waved, then as a title card appeared, her voice could be heard, saying "Fuh..." before it was clipped off.

However, the TVNEWSER website said that it had received several email messages from viewers saying that they had heard Miller utter the words, "F***ing hell!"

Tom Blais, thanks for the post.

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