Sunday, January 28, 2007

JAMES Tuning In To Fans For Theme Song

(From The USA Today)

NBA superstar LEBRON JAMES is the next MICHAEL JORDAN in more ways than one. Like MJ, James is an endorsement superstar on Madison Avenue.

Now James is tapping into one of the hotter marketing trends -- inviting consumers to participate in the commercial process.

James and Coca-Cola's SPRITE are running a national contest in which consumers can create theme songs for new SPRITE TV commercials airing during NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND in February.

"I wanted to do something new and different. Sprite came to me with the idea. I thought it was cool," James says. "Without the fans, there's no players."

Consumers may enter the contest at

James and hip-hop artists PAUL WALL and AL FATZ will personally pick three tracks.

"Your mission is to create a theme song for me," says a virtual James on the website. "If your mix gets the votes, and my crew and I like the sound, you'll win a chance to collaborate on my theme song in the studio."

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