Sunday, January 28, 2007



Behind the scenes BOB IGER has upended MICHAEL EISNER's centrally planned company, hacking away at the bureaucracy and unshackling a group of veteran executives to plot their own courses.

Putting DISNEY movies and ABC shows on the IPOD is not just ground-breaking. It's a reflection of a faster-moving and more aggressive DISNEY.

Iger, who turns 56 on February 10th, is a guy who says things like -- "The story shouldn't be about me. It's about the team."

Sounds like the false modesty of a media-trained CEO, no?

But Iger really does prefer to hover in the background, letting the limelight stream over his lieutenants. He rules by consensus, not fiat.

Iger, in short, is the Un-Eisner. He represents the new buttoned-down Hollywood--the anti-mogul in an industry where egos blot out the sunshine.

"Bob lets the person who can handle the job get it done," says STEVE JOBS, who sits on the board and is Disney's single largest shareholder. "It's not about grabbing headlines.
That's rare in that town."

How Bob Iger Unchained Disney

John Santamaria, thanks for the post.

[Great article about Bob Iger. It even mentions Ithaca College and ICB-TV!]

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