Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reasons You Should/Shouldn't Go To Film School

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Every aspiring filmmaker asks the age-old question at some point -- should I go to film school?

They wonder -- Will I be a better filmmaker for it, or will I spend a lot of money on education only to end up taking a job as a waiter to pay off my debt, wishing I'd spent the money on a guerrilla DV short instead?

It's a tough question, but unfortunately no one can make the decision for you. The only universal piece of advice anyone can give you is, "it depends."

And while I've made my own choice -- indeed, my personal site is located at -- I can see it both ways.

Here's 10 reasons why prospective film students should give film school more thought and 10 more reasons why you should skip that film school education altogether.

Reasons You SHOULD Go To Film School

Reasons You SHOULDN'T Go To Film School

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