Sunday, September 03, 2006

KIKI STOCKHAMMER -- The Spokemodel, The Legend

(From The Avid Yahoo User's Group)

KIKI STOCKHAMMER was the mysterious spokesmodel for the infamous NEWTEK VIDEO TOASTER back in the heyday of the AMIGA.

Many came to know her from her appearance in magazine ads touting the impressive technology.

These ads helpfully mentioned her name as if she was a person of note, and not just a pretty face hired to stand next to a zorro card.

And so she became the first AMIGA SEX SYMBOL that wasn't animated or furry.
[Heck, I still want to buy an Amiga because of Kiki.]

To this day however, Kiki and her handlers insist she was more than just a pretty face. She was reportedly a key member of the management team at NewTek.

According to her manager/boyfriend, she also ran tech support and was heavily involved in marketing.

Although Kiki's 15 minutes of fame were ultimately due to the Video Toaster made possible by the advanced hardware of the Amiga, she wasn't above putting her foot in her rather generously sized mouth while simultaneously biting the hand that fed her.

After leaving Newtek, Kiki had a brief fling with failed company PLAY INC.

So, where is she now?

Well, Kiki eventually moved away from the Amiga scene and made the next logical career step.

She now focuses all of her tech support, marketing, and business skills on being a dancer and background singer for a STAR TREK themed rock group -- WARP 11.

The web page below dedicated to her.

Amiga IRC -- Kiki Stockhammer

[Kiki and Warp 11, you rock!]

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Tweeks said...

Uuuuuhhhhh kiiiikiiiii....


Really though.. I met her in 1987 in NY at AmiCon (Amiga Con '87). She was debuting the rev 0.9 video toaster.. at that time it was still bluewire-ware (under s sheet, a ball of blue wirewrap hooked up to an Amiga 1000).

She was THE Amiga geek heart-throb then.. and she' aged VERY well. :)