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So if you've enjoyed THE WEDDING CRASHERS you'll know that OWEN WILSON often refers to VINCE VAUGHN throughout the movie using the nickname BABA GANOUSH.

So other than a cool nickname, just WHAT IS BABA GANOUSH?

BABA GANOUSH is a very popular MIDDLE EASTERN DISH, primarily made of EGGPLANT and a SESAME PASTE called TAHINI.

THE EGGPLANT is roasted in an oven for approximately 45 minutes.
The softened flesh is scooped out and is then pureed with GARLIC, TAHINI, LEMON JUICE, GROUND CUMIN and SALT.

This HEALTHY SNACK can be eaten in a variety of ways, including as A DIP (most common) with whole wheat bread or crackers, spread on a pita, or put into numerous other dishes.

It is usually of an earthy light brown color.

Below is a recipe for Baba Ganoush that you can make for your next party.

But I think the writers of THE WEDDING CRASHERS thought of BABA GANOUSH more in terms of it's second meaning.

In wrestling, the term BABA GANOUSH is used as a synonym for JOBBER. When a wrestler is forced to lose, this is described as "DOING THE JOB." To JOB to a wrestler is also to put him or her over. The act of losing is called JOBBING, and A FREQUENT LOSER is referred to as A JOBBER. It is a mark of disrespect to refer to a wrestler as a "JOBBER," as it implies they are A FAILURE IN THEIR CAREER.

The TV show MXC (formerly MOST EXTREME ELIMINATION CHALLENGE) always has at least one person in each episode announced with the last name of "BABAGANOUSH."

The show which airs in THE UNITED STATES on SPIKE TV, provides both dubbing and commentary in ENGLISH (the original show is in JAPANESE) that effectively spoofs the original show.


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I think that the fact that you appreciate the humor and witt in the baba ganoosh use is admirable. More people should appreciate it.

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Myself and a small team of contemporary scholars(unformally educated googlers) have determined that the meaning of "Baba Ganoush" in the movie Wedding Crashers was not merely a nickname but also a general directive to "man up" or "mix it up" ie "get with the program." This was deduced from the alternate usages in the movie during attempts to convince another character to stay the course of their endeavor. We also found this consistent with the term's archaic meaning stoney(hard/tough) father,because the lexical origin of the term is derived from the Arabic/Levantine Baba(grandfather/father) and Ghanuj(pressing stone.) While this may run contrary to the meaning your research has uncovered, we find this to be a more likely source of the usages depicted in the film..but obviously that doesn't mean your explanation is not actually the true inspiration for the filmmakers.


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