Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Photos From The Early Days of AVID -- An AVID History Tour With Author JOHN BUCK

(From Bill Warner's Blog)

This is a little over a year old, but it's a unique perspective on AVID's earliest days from someone who would certainly know.

In August, 2008, I visited Avid with JOHN BUCK, who is an editor writing a book on the history and people behind non-linear editing.

His visit spurred me to take him (and me) on a nostalgic tour, and I figured I'd post some of the results in photos.

What follows are some old and some new photos. Some are copies of photos JEFF BEDELL, Avid's employee #2, keeps in his office."

Some Photos From The Early Days of Avid -- An Avid History Tour With Author John Buck

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