Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy (Hic) Birthday, Canned Beer!

(From -- By Heather Whipps)

Be sure to crack open a cold one on January 24th, the day canned beer celebrates its 75th birthday.

New Jersey's GOTTFRIED KRUEGER BREWING COMPANY churned out the world's first beer can in 1935, stocking select shelves in Richmond, Va., as a market test.

The experiment took off and American drinkers haven't looked back since, nowadays choosing cans over bottles for the majority of the 22 gallons of beer they each drink per year, according to THE U.S. CENSUS BUREAU.

Canned brewskies may have only hit shelves in 1935, but the drink's history goes back much further -- at least 6,000 years, in fact, to ancient Iraq.

Happy (Hic) Birthday, Canned Beer!

Scott O'Leary, thanks for the post.

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