Saturday, November 21, 2009

Credit Freeze Stunts 3D Films' Growth

(From The California Chronicle -- By David Lieberman)

Hollywood executives likely will credit director JAMES CAMERON if his megabudget sci-fi film AVATAR strikes gold for FOX next month.

But there's a ready scapegoat if it disappoints.

When the credit markets froze more than a year ago, banks and other lenders didn't invest in the digital-projection technology needed to show films in 3D.

That was a setback for Avatar, which was designed to showcase 3D's artistic potential.

The film should appear in 3D domestically on nearly 3,500 screens, Fox Distribution Chief BRUCE SNYDER guesses. "They're still putting (3D systems) in as we speak," he says.

Credit Freeze Stunts 3D Films' Growth

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