Wednesday, October 07, 2009

QUALCOMM Introduces Personal Television

(From The Hollywood Reporter)

Coming in time for Christmas is a wireless, handheld TV that's just a TV, and it will have its own dedicated network to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Plans call for DVR functionality down the road.

The new FLO TV PERSONAL TELEVISION, or PTV, is from FLO TV, the live mobile TV service from QUALCOMM that is used for AT&T MOBILE TELEVISION and VERIZON's V-CAST.

The PTV will sell for $250, and subcriptions begin at $9 a month.

FLO TV isn't saying yet what content it has lined up, but the AT&T and V-Cast products have 15 channels apiece, including CBS MOBILE, CNBC, COMEDY CENTRAL, ESPN MOBILE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, MSNBC, MTV and NICKELODEON.

Some of the content is simulcast live, then repeated in what might normally be considered affiliate time, said JONATHAN BARZILAY, Senior VP Programming and advertising for FLO TV.

Qualcomm Introduces Personal Television

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