Monday, July 27, 2009

IC AFTER DARK -- Episode 3 (1990)

This is the third episode of the first season of IC AFTER DARK (produced by DAN NOCERA) with JASON CONNELLY as host and CLYDE AND THE FM HORNS as the house band.

The episode originally aired in April 1990 on ITHACA COLLEGE TELEVISION (ICTV).

It was shot 80's "old school " on 3/4" UMATIC tape and edited on a SONY BVE-900 in the newly built ROY H. PARK SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS in EDIT B.

This episode features one of my favorite parodies AMERICA'S BLOODIEST HOME VIDEOS.

KEITH CASSIDY once again outdid himself with special effects magic. He filled a cabbage from WEGMANS with meat, ketchup and all sorts of disgusting things and then got to whack it with a baseball bat, spraying chunks all over the basement of the East Tower.

This is my favorite MAN ON THE STREET (MOS) from the first season. Lots of classic appearances by many of my IC classmates. It was also one of those ultra-rare Ithaca warm spring days where everyone was outside wearing T-Shirts and shorts even though it was in the 50s!

This episode also features the full version (with lyrics) of the theme song CAN'T TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY during the credits.

02:19 JUSTIN and BRYSON Jugglers
08:04 America's Bloodiest Home Videos
10:15 Skinhead O'Connor
10:48 MOS with TOM COSTANTINO -- A Question For IC
18:23 Comedian MIKE CAPOZZOLA
24:30 Milk Commerical Parody
26:11 Outro with Crew
TRT- 28:47

Dan Nocera, thanks for the post.

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