Monday, July 27, 2009

IC AFTER DARK -- Episode 2 (1990)

This is the second episode of the first season of IC AFTER DARK (produced by DAN NOCERA) with JASON CONNELLY as host and CLYDE AND THE FM HORNS as the house band.

The episode originally aired in March 1990 on ITHACA COLLEGE TELEVISION (ICTV).

It was shot 80's "old school " on 3/4" UMATIC tape and edited on a SONY BVE-900 in the newly built ROY H. PARK SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS in EDIT B.

This episode featuresCHRIS ELLIOTand KEVIN SMITHSTRAIT's ("Smitty") only appearances on the show.

LOGAN ERNSTTHAL also makes several appearances.

01:51 CHRIS ELLIOT Illegal Applicants
04:24 MOS with TOM COSTANTINO -- Tuition, Brady Dream
10:24 Cracklin' Oat Bran Commercial Parody
11:08 Comedian ROSS BERGMAN
15:24 Cruising With SMITTY
21:13 Comics Commercial
22:26 JUSTIN and BRYSON Jugglers
TRT- 28:49

Dan Nocera, thanks for the post.

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