Saturday, May 16, 2009

BRIAN WILLIAMS' Brilliant Disguise

(From The Newark Star Ledger -- By Peggy McGlone)

BRIAN WILLIAMS stands on a stretch of beach in Sea Bright, NJ, recalling memories of his childhood summers at the Jersey Shore.

He describes the 8-mile bike ride from his Middletown home to the water ("back when kids did that sort of thing") and the return trip that often included a stop at the CARVEL on Route 36.

Williams says his youth at the Shore was fantastic, though solidly middle class -- a three-bedroom ranch, a wooden locker at THE SURFRIDER BEACH CLUB instead of a cabana, a 10-year-old car when he was old enough to drive.

"There are memories every couple of feet," says the anchor and managing editor of NBC NIGHTLY NEWS.

"I loved it. I love being from there. I wouldn't have grown up anyplace else, and I've been a lot of places."

Brian Williams' Brilliant Disguise

[ Jersey roots are part of his success. I can definitely relate. Plus, Brian is a super nice guy.]

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