Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mobile, DVR Video Log Fastest Growth

(From The Wall Street Journal -- By Elizabeth Holmes)

Online video is cutting into television, albeit slowly.

People are watching more video than ever on every type of screen -- television, the Internet and mobile devices
-- according to a report on the nation's viewing habits to be released Monday by NIELSEN.

Nielsen found that during the fourth quarter of 2008 the number of users and the time spent watching each of the three screen media rose from the previous quarter.

"If people like video, they like it wherever they can get it," said SUSAN WHITING, Vice Chair of Nielsen.

The biggest jumps came in the number of viewers watching video on mobile devices and "time shifted" television, that is, programming viewed with a digital-video recorder. Each rose about 9% in the fourth quarter from the third quarter.

Roughly 11 million people used mobile viewing and
74 million people watched DVR programming.

Internet video users increased 2.3% to 123 million people.

Traditional television is still the most popular by far.

Roughly 285 million of the nation's 306 million people watched TV in their home in the fourth quarter, up about three million people, or 1%, from the prior quarter.

Mobile, DVR Video Log Fastest Growth

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